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I am Allison and I am a board-certified Occupational Therapist licensed in Iowa and Illinois. I am a mom of an adventurous, kind, intelligent 3-year-old girl and a smiley, cuddly, climbing 8-month-old boy. I, like many women, had some challenges during pregnancy and postpartum which led me to become a women’s health therapist. I opened One Strong Woman Therapy, LLC to provide pelvic floor therapy, lactation support, sexual function/dysfunction interventions and bring QC women together to empower one another. 


As an occupational therapist I am not just looking at what could be physically challenging for you. I am looking at you as a whole person, physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. I am looking at how this challenge affects your daily routines, roles and habits. As a mama of two I have not experienced it all but I have encountered challenges with leakage, pain, difficulty achieving oragasms, difficulty breastfeeding and struggling with mental health along the way. I want to meet women on their journey through womanhood wherever that may be. You do not need to be pregnant or postpartum to have pelvic floor dysfunction/difficulties-it does not discriminate.

Fun Facts About Me

I have visited 10 countries.

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