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Frequently Asked

Don’t see a question you have? Please reach out to me and ask! I would gladly answer any questions you have!

How do I know if I need you?

Here's a quick and easy questionnaire to help you find out!


Still not sure if you need me? Reach out to me at Let’s talk and see if pelvic floor is a service you can benefit from. Chances are you could- I think every individual could! 

Do  you accept insurance?

I am an in network provider for Wellmark/BCBS and The VIP Network. I take HSA/FSA and private pay. 

Why do you make “house calls”?

There are a few different reasons I chose to make house visits. I feel for the majority of women their home is their safe place. Pelvic floor therapy is a very personal service and I understand that not all women want to walk into a clinic. As a pregnant individual, a new mom, veteran mom, working woman or the social butterfly finding time in our day or care for children that adds a lot more stress around the appointment so lets eliminate that! Let me come to you so you do not need to worry about it. As an occupational therapist I am also looking at your comfortable natural environment and if anything could be adding to your challenges. I want to know what your habits, routines, roles and natural environment are like. Having all this information helps me best assist you and your challenges

I know I am going to have a c-section with a baby- could I still benefit from you?

100%. An individual who has a c-section can still have pelvic floor challenges during pregnancy and after birth. I also want to help you prepare for your c-section. I can educate you on how you can safely get in and out of bed, get dressed, go to the bathroom, take a shower and take care of your baby and other children you may have. We will discuss abdominal binders- when to wear it and how to wear it.  We can discuss how to start with scar mobilization and desenziting. C-section wasn’t your goal or you are disappointed? I understand. Let’s talk about how you feel, how you were hoping your birth would go and what options you have with this c-section to help validate your feelings while delivering your baby the way your OB recommends.

Will you provide weight checks during lactation support?

Yes! As a mama who struggled with weight gain with both of my babies I understand the stress and need to know how weight gain is going. I will have with me an approved pediatric scale at each house call.

Will you provide virtual/telehealth sessions?

You bet! I am licensed in both Iowa and Illinois and I can treat any individuals residing in those states. 

Will you be available outside of sessions?

Absolutely. I will be available through client portal, text and email. My goal is for our relationship to built on trust, communication, and presence when needed. I understand that questions or concerns coming up outside of the session.I, with each clients permission, want to check in and make sure you are feeling comfortable and confident with your home program until we see each other again.

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