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Why choose an Occupational Therapist Pelvic Floor Therapist?

Let me start by saying that it is tremendously important to pick a therapist you can trust and feel comfortable with especially with this type of care. With that said I may not be everyone's cup of tea and that is OK! There are unique styles of therapists just like there are diverse types of personalities and learning styles. Let me explain what would happen if you chose an occupational therapist and specifically if you chose me!
An occupational therapist’s education and training is focused on the entire individual. This includes physical, emotional, psychosocial, cognitive, spiritual, environmental, and social. Our education is heavy on purposeful, meaningful tasks and the mental health that correlates. As said by a highly intelligent Occupational Therapist , Lindsey Greene Vestal, “The truth is, as OTs nobody is better equipped to specialize in pelvic health than we are. After all, we already speak the language of ADLs-toileting, sleep hygiene, self-care, and sexuality. We look beyond the most obvious symptoms, letting pelvic health clients know we are there to support them-not just tell them what to do that. That is exactly the kind of treatment pelvic health patients need and deserve.” There is no truer statement. As OT’s we know that a physical challenge is not just physical and that it can impact your daily life- habits, routines, and roles. We also know that the physical challenge may not be the primary culprit. The challenge may be a side effect of certain habits, roles, environmental factors, or mental health difficulties.
If you are looking to get back to your norm- let's look at all aspects of your life together. Chances are they relate to each other and the challenges you may be facing.


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